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Yeferson Olaya, Colombia

Yeferson Olaya, Colombia

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Cherry. Mango. Juicy.

This single origin from Colombia is bursting with juicy, fruity flavour. Strong cherry notes present and the acidity reminds us of firm, slightly tart mango.

Yeferson Olaya owns and operates Finca El Tesoro in the hills of Planadas municipality in the Colima department of Colombia. Yeferson is from a well known coffee producing family known for sustainable farming practices and environmental protection. These practices include using onsite materials and compostables from processed food to create blends of organic materials for fertiliser, quality boosters, and immunity shields for plants.

After picking, coffee cherries from El Tesoro are moved for processing to a nearby farm, Finca La Cinta, which is owned by Yeferson’s father. This honey-processed coffee was sorted in floating tanks to select only dense, ripe fruit. The cherries were fermented whole in tanks for 48 hours of aerobic fermentation and then pulped and sealed back in the tanks for 48 hours of anaerobic fermentation. The coffee was then rinsed and moved to the greenhouse drying area for 20-25 days for drying.

Region: Tolima, Colombia

Producer: Yeferson Olaya

Farm: El Tesoro

Process: Honey

Variety: Caturra

Elevation: 1600 metres

Green sourcing partner: Ally

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