Our ethos & approach

Our ethos

We believe that specialty coffee is for everyone.

We're passionate about inclusivity and we want to be advocates for positive change in our own community and across the coffee supply chain. We're going to make this happen by building meaningful connections through coffee, championing sustainable practices and integrity in what we do, and continuous learning.

We’re committing to building a better future in coffee. Through transparency and education, we hope to inspire others to do the same (one cup at a time).


At Downriver we partner with specialty green coffee suppliers who have long-term relationships with green coffee farmers across the world. We work with suppliers that ensure fair, transparent, traceable, and sustainable trade at origin.

You can find information about our sourcing partners for our coffees on our product pages.


We roast on a Diedrich IR 2.5 which we lovingly call Geraldine or Gerry for short. She's small but mighty!

Our roasting philosophy here is founded on celebrating coffee for the fresh seasonal produce that it is. This means highlighting what makes each coffee so special and changing with the seasons. This approach requires a lot of methodical cupping (i.e. tasting) and adjusting.