A guide to our coffee subscriptions

A guide to our coffee subscriptions

Did you know you can become a Downriver coffee subscriber?! 

With a coffee subscription, you not only benefit from convenience, but an outrageously delicious speciality coffee experience, tailored to you. We've got a few different subscription models and thought it might be worthwhile to go over what a coffee subscription is and why it might be worth it for you, what kinds we have, and which may be the best for you!  

What is a coffee subscription?

A coffee subscription offers a seamless solution to avoid ever running low on coffee—but it's about more than just convenience. It's not simply about receiving coffee on a regular basis (although that's certainly convenient)—a specialty coffee subscription offers a distinctive adventure, a means to uncover new origins, coffee processing techniques, varietals, and beyond: it's a gateway to deepening your understanding of coffee and discovering your flavour preferences. Through a specialty coffee subscription, your individual needs and exploration are catered to, guiding you through your preferences, from flavour profiles to brewing techniques.

How does a coffee subscription work?

Subscriptions are easy to set up and modify. Coffee subscriptions empower you to steer your specialty coffee journey. Whether seeking a reliable staple or venturing into new tastes, you dictate what is it that you're after. You can opt for whole beans or ground, blends or single origins, and select one bag or multiple.

The commitment of a subscription can feel daunting, but you can adjust your coffee subscription whenever you want. For example, if you initially opt for ground coffee but later prefer grinding your beans at home, transitioning to a whole bean subscription is no problem. Similarly, if you've been favouring espresso but are curious about exploring filter brews, we can get you sorted out. 

Pre-paid subscriptions

First of all, we offer 3 pre-paid subscriptions. They can be for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time and give you - or whoever, these make for great gifts! - the opportunity to try a range of our coffees over a set period of time. These subscriptions are an up-front payment.

What you'll get with a pre-paid subscription is a 250g bag of single origin coffee every month and shipping is on us!

Ongoing subscription

If you're looking for a more long-term subscription, the Infinity subscription may be the one for you. There's lot of choice with this monthly subscription. You can choose the amount of coffee you want: 250g, 500g, or 1kg.

You can also choose the type of coffee you want:

  • Boilermaker - Perfect for the coffee drinker that wants consistency and loves the chocolatey and nutty flavours of our Boilermaker Espresso Blend.
  • Roaster's choice - For the adventurous coffee drinker who wants to explore new and interesting single origin coffees. Chosen based on seasonal availability and what our roaster is digging that month.
  • Decaf - Your favourite single origin, naturally decaffeinated coffee for seriously devoted coffee drinkers who want all the flavour without the caffeine. 

With an Infinity subscription, you save 10% on your coffee! Sit back and relax knowing that we've got you covered and a bag of our beans is coming right on schedule. We ship every 4 weeks based on when you order or you can come collect if you prefer to save on shipping. If you would like it shipped based on a different 4 week schedule, just get in touch and we'll get you sorted.

The beauty of the Infinity subscription is that you can manage your subscription here - the power is in your hands. You can skip, pause, resume, or cancel as you choose. Any trouble, drop us a message at: hello@downrivercoffee.com.

Why a coffee subscription is worth it

At Downriver, we believe speciality coffee is for everyone. Subscribing plays an important part in this. Exploring coffee in this way can make it less intimidating and is a great way to support quality coffee that shapes a better world for all.

Opting for a coffee subscription through a small specialty coffee roaster guarantees not only the enjoyment of exceptional coffee but also signifies a conscious decision to invest in coffee that prioritises environmental sustainability, ethical trading practices, historical significance, and future prospects within the industry for a fairer and more equitable coffee sector. Your choice to support coffee that respects the environment, its heritage, and its future not only safeguards and empowers the lives of producers but also grants you access to some of the world's best brews!

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