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Organic - La Esperanza, Peru

Organic - La Esperanza, Peru

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Red apple. Citrus. Dark chocolate.

This single origin makes for a complex, juicy pour-over but also shines as a fruit-forward and complex espresso option. 

This certified organic coffee comes from Esmerita Vazquez Ramirez's four-hectare farm in north western Peru. Her farm, La Esperanza (meaning 'hope'), is a 45-50 minute uphill walk from the town of La Coipa where Esmerita lives with her husband. They often use mules to transport the hand-picked coffee back down, where it's then transported to a dry mill run by the Alpes Andinos association of local coffee farmers. 

Town: La Coipa, Cajamarca, Peru

Varietal: Typica & Bourbon

Process: Washed 

Altitude: 1850 metres 

Green coffee partner: Mercanta

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