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Fazenda Vila Boa, Brazil

Fazenda Vila Boa, Brazil

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Red berries. Milk Chocolate. Walnuts.

This is a really fruit-forward Brazilian single origin and highlights the excellent qualities you'd expect from this region. It's well-balanced and has good body. 

Monica Borges de Sousa left her job as a psychologist in 1988 to take over 90 hectares of family farmland and become a coffee producer. Situated in Campos de Vertentes, between the Grande River Basin and São Francisco River Basin, Vila Boa (meaning 'pleasant town') is now a certified carbon neutral coffee estate. 

With a workforce of up to 80 people during high season, this coffee is selectively handpicked and transported to raised dry beds where the cherries are left to dry out for 2 days, and then another 5 days on the estate patios to reduce moisture levels to 15.8%. The drying process is then completed at the estate's Penagos Drying Machinery. After hulling and resting, they're ready for export. 

Region: Carmo da Mata, Campos da Vertentes, Brazil

Varietal: Yellow bourbon

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1140 metres 

Green coffee partner: Mercanta

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